Wednesday, May 7, 2014

     We didn't even unpack this time because we knew another move would happen before too long.  We just had thought that maybe it would be into a more permanent house.  Instead, we have really decided to change what we are doing.  David has decided to become a helicopter pilot and we are planning on a move to southern Utah so that he can go to school to do that.
     David was somewhat disappointed when he found out that he could not stay in the Navy,  but started to look at other options for work and in school.  Unfortunately, many of the things that he looked at either didn't work out or he wasn't that excited about pursuing.  Through this time of reflection, we realized that what David really missed about the Navy was flying and being involved in the flight community.  He had looked at becoming a helicopter pilot before, but didn't think that we could swing it financially.  When we had a second look at it, we found out that if he gets another degree while learning to fly, the GI bill will pay for all of his training at a state school.  Southern Utah University has a program like that and he is eligible for in-state tuition there.  With some of the money from his separation and his reserve signing bonus, we can make it work.  We plan on finishing the school year here in Washington and then heading to Utah this summer.  It will be hard not being as close to my parents, but David's parents and some of his siblings will be closer.  We are ready for another adventure!  

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