Friday, August 15, 2014

A new home

      So we have moved again.  We have headed to southern Utah.  David will be starting helicopter pilot training soon.  He missed flying so much when he got out of the Navy that he has decided to return to school for a combination helicopter pilot and business degree program.

    The girls just started school.  It is hard to believe that Becca is in 7th grade now.  She is at a middle school. Becca was running a little late for her first day, so I didn't get a picture, but here are Elli and Julia. They will be going to the same elementary school.  We are renting a big house with a great yard.  There is a large garden area, plenty of grass to play in, and a few fruit trees.
     Sylvia is taking her first few steps.  The girls still love playing with her.  She keeps us all entertained.  She likes to wave a lot and say "night night."  We miss my parents, but we are also enjoying being closer to David's family.

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