Friday, May 8, 2015


     The last few months have not gone quite as we planned.  Rebecca had her surgery in February.  She had a difficult recovery.  She started experiencing strange symptoms.  After several doctors' visits, lots of tests, and a few more hospitalizations, we found out that Rebecca has some degree of postural orthostatic  tachycardia syndrome (POTS).  This is a condition that many teenage girls get, especially after surgery or trauma or a growth spurt.  The condition causes people to have problems keeping the blood circulating to their brains normally. The blood pools in their feet and their hearts race to try to move the blood back to the brain when they stand up. They experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and weakness.  Fortunately, with exercise, salt supplements, and lots of extra fluids, the condition can be improved and most people outgrow it in early adulthood.  Rebecca has missed a lot of school.  She chose to participate in an inpatient physical rehabilitation program at Primary Children's Hospital.  She made a lot of progress, but got the flu while being in the hospital.  While she was sick, the physicians could not allow her into the physical therapy gym, so it was determined that she would have to go home.  We went home and since then she has been able to return to school almost full-time.  It is has been challenging, but it is great that she is feeling much better and we are all back at home.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Home again

Rebecca had her surgery on Monday.  She had a bit of a rough time, but she is doing quite well now.  She will still have to take it easy for a while.  Primary Children's Hospital is wonderful.  Becca even got to see two of the therapy dogs, which was really fun. We are happy to be home now and thankful for all the help and prayers for our family.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Sylvia in Julia's dollhouse!
     We have been enjoying settling into our house here in southern Utah.  We have enjoyed having family fairly close and having a Christmas visit from my parents.  Rebecca was very excited to get a sewing machine for Christmas.  She has worked on quilting with David's mom and is working on a lap quilt with the Young Women in our ward.  Elliana enjoyed getting the Lego Friends mall, which she really likes to play with.  Julia got the huge doll house above, that she and her sisters play Barbies with.  If they run out of dolls, Sylvia is happy to climb in the dollhouse.  She can climb in herself.  The little garage below her has swinging doors and she has tried to close herself in there.  Fortunately, she is too big to fit!  Sylvia got a doll stroller and Duplo circus set.  She also got a coloring book and jumbo crayons that she LOVES to use.  She is very serious about her coloring. 
     David just started classes and is getting very excited to start flying.  He has been awaiting his certification from the FAA, but it should be arriving anytime.  
     Julia just turned seven and had fun celebrating with rainbow party decorations and both sets of grandparents.  She also was happy to get her own Lego Friends cruise boat.  Julia is learning to read and is taking a dance class.  She has lots of energy!
     Elliana has been doing pretty well.  Her arthritis bothers her sometimes, but she has a great physical therapist.  Some of the time she has even been able to take a cheer class.  When she is feeling well, she loves to do cartwheels and bounce around all over the house.  Elli has a very nice teacher and is having fun with her friends from school.
     Rebecca did a lot of research for her school's science fair.  She is also learning lots in her math class and is enjoying playing violin in the school orchestra.  
     Unfortunately, Becca has had neck and back pain since before Christmas break.  Through prayer, MRI's, and seeing lots of doctors, we were able to find out what the problem is.  Rebecca has a Chiari Malformation.  This occurs when the back part of the brain is too large to fit in the skull and starts to put pressure near the spine.  She will be having surgery in one week at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.  The surgery will be done by a neurosurgeon and she will be in the hospital for at least a few days.  My mom and David's parents will be helping with the younger girls.  We appreciate prayers and will keep everyone posted.   

Friday, August 15, 2014

A new home

      So we have moved again.  We have headed to southern Utah.  David will be starting helicopter pilot training soon.  He missed flying so much when he got out of the Navy that he has decided to return to school for a combination helicopter pilot and business degree program.

    The girls just started school.  It is hard to believe that Becca is in 7th grade now.  She is at a middle school. Becca was running a little late for her first day, so I didn't get a picture, but here are Elli and Julia. They will be going to the same elementary school.  We are renting a big house with a great yard.  There is a large garden area, plenty of grass to play in, and a few fruit trees.
     Sylvia is taking her first few steps.  The girls still love playing with her.  She keeps us all entertained.  She likes to wave a lot and say "night night."  We miss my parents, but we are also enjoying being closer to David's family.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

     We didn't even unpack this time because we knew another move would happen before too long.  We just had thought that maybe it would be into a more permanent house.  Instead, we have really decided to change what we are doing.  David has decided to become a helicopter pilot and we are planning on a move to southern Utah so that he can go to school to do that.
     David was somewhat disappointed when he found out that he could not stay in the Navy,  but started to look at other options for work and in school.  Unfortunately, many of the things that he looked at either didn't work out or he wasn't that excited about pursuing.  Through this time of reflection, we realized that what David really missed about the Navy was flying and being involved in the flight community.  He had looked at becoming a helicopter pilot before, but didn't think that we could swing it financially.  When we had a second look at it, we found out that if he gets another degree while learning to fly, the GI bill will pay for all of his training at a state school.  Southern Utah University has a program like that and he is eligible for in-state tuition there.  With some of the money from his separation and his reserve signing bonus, we can make it work.  We plan on finishing the school year here in Washington and then heading to Utah this summer.  It will be hard not being as close to my parents, but David's parents and some of his siblings will be closer.  We are ready for another adventure!  

Saturday, February 1, 2014


     On December 21st, we finished packing our luggage and made a quick dash to the airport.  Our time living in Hawaii had come to an end.  We said goodbye to David's brother Paul and his family.  We are really going to miss being so close to Paul and May and the kids' cousins.  We have really enjoyed spending time together.  
     Our flights were fairly uneventful and we were met in Seattle by my parents and my grandmother, who also flew in for a visit.  After packing lots of luggage in the car, we got ready to head to my parents' cabin in Ronald.  During our five week stay, we had a lot of fun.  We got to celebrate Christmas and had a visit from my sister Megan and her family.  It was wonderful to see my nephew Miles and my niece Maisie with my kids.  Miles called his cousins his "friends" and Maisie liked having a baby to check out, since she is six months older than Sylvia.  We also celebrated Julia's sixth birthday with pizza, cake, sherbet, and gifts.  We had a wonderful time and my parents were great at making us feel at home.
      David and I got to go away for a night to celebrate our anniversary.  We enjoyed a trip to the temple, dinner at the Metropolitan Grill, and a night at one of Seattle's historic hotels.  It was great to have a little time without the kids.  We also started our apartment search in the Seattle area.
     After lots of family time, we decided it was time to get back to regular life and get the kids back into school.  Since school starts so early in Hawaii, the kids had finished the first semester before we left.  The second semester just started this week in the kids new school.  We moved into an apartment in Bothell earlier this week.  The kids started back to school on Thursday.  It was exciting for Rebecca and Julia, but a big transition for Elliana.  Hopefully things will get a little easier soon.  
     David was not selected to promote twice with the Navy, so he was forced to separate from the service.  He has been on terminal leave for about two months now.  He just signed a commission to join the drilling reserve and has been given a position based in California, but will drill in the Seattle area for now.  
     David has started looking for a new job.  We are somewhat flexible on our location.  We decided to stay in Seattle for now.  We are considering staying here, but are willing to move if he finds a job elsewhere.  We plan on staying here for six months so that the kids can at least finish the school year.  It is nice being a couple of hours from my parents instead of across the ocean.  

Friday, December 13, 2013


Here are Elliana and Rebecca with their chorus teacher after their Christmas concert.  They sure enjoy singing and we like to hear them.