Saturday, February 1, 2014


     On December 21st, we finished packing our luggage and made a quick dash to the airport.  Our time living in Hawaii had come to an end.  We said goodbye to David's brother Paul and his family.  We are really going to miss being so close to Paul and May and the kids' cousins.  We have really enjoyed spending time together.  
     Our flights were fairly uneventful and we were met in Seattle by my parents and my grandmother, who also flew in for a visit.  After packing lots of luggage in the car, we got ready to head to my parents' cabin in Ronald.  During our five week stay, we had a lot of fun.  We got to celebrate Christmas and had a visit from my sister Megan and her family.  It was wonderful to see my nephew Miles and my niece Maisie with my kids.  Miles called his cousins his "friends" and Maisie liked having a baby to check out, since she is six months older than Sylvia.  We also celebrated Julia's sixth birthday with pizza, cake, sherbet, and gifts.  We had a wonderful time and my parents were great at making us feel at home.
      David and I got to go away for a night to celebrate our anniversary.  We enjoyed a trip to the temple, dinner at the Metropolitan Grill, and a night at one of Seattle's historic hotels.  It was great to have a little time without the kids.  We also started our apartment search in the Seattle area.
     After lots of family time, we decided it was time to get back to regular life and get the kids back into school.  Since school starts so early in Hawaii, the kids had finished the first semester before we left.  The second semester just started this week in the kids new school.  We moved into an apartment in Bothell earlier this week.  The kids started back to school on Thursday.  It was exciting for Rebecca and Julia, but a big transition for Elliana.  Hopefully things will get a little easier soon.  
     David was not selected to promote twice with the Navy, so he was forced to separate from the service.  He has been on terminal leave for about two months now.  He just signed a commission to join the drilling reserve and has been given a position based in California, but will drill in the Seattle area for now.  
     David has started looking for a new job.  We are somewhat flexible on our location.  We decided to stay in Seattle for now.  We are considering staying here, but are willing to move if he finds a job elsewhere.  We plan on staying here for six months so that the kids can at least finish the school year.  It is nice being a couple of hours from my parents instead of across the ocean.  

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