Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Day

     May Day in Hawaii consists of a huge celebration of the Hawaiian Islands.  The girls practiced for weeks for the special musical presentation that they held at school.  Becca got to do a traditional Hawaiian dance.  Elli got to play an island drum that is made out of a hollowed squash and sing.  Julia and her classmates got to shake their hips and do an energetic dance.  It was great to experience more of the Hawaiian culture.
     The flowers that the girls are wearing in their hair actually grew in our back yard.  The landlord left lots of beautiful tropical plants for us to enjoy.
     On a funny note, the girls had been complaining about all of the practicing that they had to do outside before the performance.  The weather had been warm and there are lots of biting insects on the school grounds.  After the performance, I told Elli that she had a nice big smile on her face during the concert and asked her if she had enjoyed herself.  She replied, "We had to smile!"  The girls keep me laughing.

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