Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

     Thirteen years!  Yes, that is right, David and I have been married thirteen years as of yesterday.  Wow!  Time flies by.  We have accomplished a lot during those years.  We both completed our bachelor's degrees.  David was commissioned into the Navy and then was able to swear in his brother as an officer in the Air Force. We have enjoyed having three children and look forward to the child that is on the way.  We have moved eight times; lived in five different states; bought two new cars; purchased our first house; and became landlords.
     We have celebrated as all of our siblings have married.  We have become an aunt and uncle for the first time and loved having two nephews and three nieces born.  We saw David's maternal grandparents reach their 50th anniversary and then pass away within months of each other.  We have seen David's paternal grandparents reach their 70th wedding anniversary. We have been through a handful of hospitalizations and through a total of two years apart during three deployments.  We have gotten to travel a lot, including taking a dream trip to Switzerland.
    We have held lots of different callings at church, from Young Men and Young Women, to Primary, Sunday School, Elder's Quorum, girls camp and home and visiting teaching.  We have seen one child baptized and are preparing for Elliana to be baptized.  We have had our testimonies grow and change.
     Wow!  Life is surely an adventure and I am so glad that David and I get to share it together!!!

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