Saturday, August 11, 2012


     So, I know that I haven't posted for a long time, but I wanted to catch everyone up on what we are doing.  After a seizure in March that was probably caused by a high fever and being really sick with the flu and a bacterial infection, I made a slow, but steady recovery.  The still don't think that I have epilepsy or MS, they think that my immune system just goes into overdrive when I am sick and that causes me to have a seizure.  I spent a while recovering while staying with David's parents and my parents coming to help.  I was not allowed to drive for three months, but gratefully I can now.
     David was able to come home for his two weeks of leave while I was recovering.  We were able to do some fun things, but also had to take it a bit easy.
     We finished the school year and then my father-in-law drove us up to my parents' home in Washington.  We enjoyed our time in the mountains and got to enjoy being with my family.  While we were there, we got to have a visit from my sister and her husband and my nephew.
     David and I also got to meet in Switzerland for a few days while my parents watched the kids.  It was wonderful to get to have time together and enjoy time exploring another country.
     Finally, we got orders to Hawaii.  My mom and I took the kids and flew to Honolulu.  We were met with leis and hugs by my sister-in-law, her kids, and her friend, as well as by two reps from the Navy.  I felt like a princess.  David and I are renting a  house on the eastern side of the island.  He still has a little longer on deployment to Africa, but my mom has been here to help me.  We decided to come over here early because school started at the end of July.  Everyone is in school.  Julia was able to qualify for their Junior Kindergarten program, which is for kids that have August to December birthdays and wouldn't usually be allowed to start school.
     Hopefully we will get our shipments of furniture soon and we welcome everyone to visit.  We have a large house with lots of room for guests.  Aloha!!!

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  1. wow! you've had a lot going on. I hope you enjoy Hawaii and continue to feel well.