Friday, March 23, 2012

Heather's in the hospital again

     I happened to read an email from Becca, and it's not looking like good news.  Apparently Heather had a seizure last night after showing symptoms of ADEM (for more on ADEM, see here: Fortunately, both my parents were home, so while Mom called the paramedics, Dad was able to give her a blessing before the ambulance got there.  The good news is that she was responsive after coming out of the seizure.  She is currently having an MRI done, which should give us an idea of where to go from here.  If the MRI shows signs of lesions again, they expect to take her up to University Hospital in Salt Lake.
     I'm a little torn, because we thought she had this beat.  She had a routine MRI done within the last couple of months that showed no issues, so this came out of the blue.  Fortunately, we have some idea of a treatment plan that will work.  I'm very grateful that my parents have been there to help, and I've heard that Heather's parents will start driving down sometime later today, so Heather will have lots of support.
     As for me, I was scheduled to head home to Utah in two weeks for my 15 day R&R from Djibouti.  I'll have to talk with my Commanding Officer to find out whether moving my trip up is even an option, so we'll see.


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  1. Oh no! Please keep us updated. We will keep all of you guys in our prayers.