Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Love Primary Children's Hospital

Well, we do love Primary Children's Hospital.  We have had lots of opportunities to see doctors there and we are so grateful to live so close to a wonderful hospital.  The doctors that we have seen have been very experienced.  The Child Life workers have been so helpful and the volunteers are great.  I also love how they decorate everything and make it so appealing.  While Elli was in the hospital they sometimes had live music, including a harpist, Disney songs with a plastic drum, and people playing a baby grand piano!

Today we went to visit Elli's rheumatologist.  Elliana is a little scared of this doctor for some reason.  I think all of the procedures in the hospital have made some medical experiences fairly scary.  Elliana started seeing this doctor in the hospital and has seen him once since.  The last time she saw him, she curled up in a ball on the exam table and hid.  This time, she started to hide a little, so the doctor called the Child Life specialist.  When the specialist came, Elli started to warm up.  Then, she provided Elli with a container of bubbles and Elli really started to feel better.  Soon, she was blowing bubbles all over the exam room.  Then, I suggested that she blow bubbles at the doctor!  Elliana started grinning and thought that was a great idea.  Apparently doctors aren't quite as scary if you can blow bubbles at them!!!!

Rebecca is doing well.  She and her friend Julia are working on a project about the solar system for fun!  They want to present it to their class in a week or two.  I am glad that she can appreciate science as much as she does.  She is also really improving on her violin.  It is fun to watch her starting to develop a talent and learning about how to read music.  She is always eager to play for an audience.

Julia gets to spend a bit of time with her great-grandparents.  They are nice enough to watch her and they love being entertained by her.  She always manages to find some kind of candy, nuts, or cookies to munch on while she is there!  She also likes preschool.  Several weeks ago they learned about penguins.  She said that her teacher said that Macaroni penguin eat macaroni!  She also said that her penguin was kissing Timmy's penguin "like they are married."  Oh boy, here we go again with little crushes!

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  1. Yea! Some posts! I think of you every time I drive by your old street. I keep thinking, "Oh, I need to call Heather" but then remember you don't live there anymore. :( Glad you guys are doing well.